When asked the question; “What stops your car?” most people would answer; “The brakes!” While that might seem obvious, it’s only partially true. It’s your tires that actually stop the car on the road. Your brakes slow down and stop the wheels from turning, but it’s your tires that maintain the adhesion with the pavement to bring your car to a stop.

The same is true for steering the car. As you turn the steering wheel, the steering mechanism will cause the wheels to turn, but once again your tires are at work gripping the pavement and causing the car to follow the angle of the wheels to round a corner.

Another function of your tires is to act as a cushion between you and the rough pavement. Have you ever noticed how smooth your car feels after new tires are installed? That’s because the increased tread thickness of the new tires will absorb and smooth-out the minor cracks, bumps, grooves and pebbles that are on most of our roads.

The life of your tires can be greatly extended by regularly checking the air and keeping them at the specified pressure. Also, your tires should be rotated and balanced every 6000 miles.

Many cars today sit lower than they did just a few years ago. They are also equipped with wider “low profile” tires. The combination of these two factors can make it almost impossible to inspect your tires without lifting the car. That’s why it is more important than ever to have your car serviced regularly by an experienced mechanic. Here at Import Automotive we will always do a complete vehicle inspection at every service, even if it’s just a simple oil change.