Are you thinking about buying a used car, truck or SUV? Smart move! Buying a used vehicle can be a wise economic choice. A vehicle that is only two years old can cost 25% to 30% less than the cost of a new one. Also, after only two years of use the average car has only 30,000 miles and is still like new!

Even a much older car can be a wise investment if it is chosen carefully. That’s where Import Automotive can help. We can perform a comprehensive “bumper-to-bumper” inspection on the car you might be thinking of buying. We will check the fluids, tires, brakes, suspension, steering and all visible items on the engine. We can determine if the vehicle has had regular service or if it has been neglected. We will look for potential problem areas like oil or coolant leaks and listen for unusual noises.

Finally, we will test drive the car to get a feel of how well it drives. Does the steering pull to one side or the other? Does the steering wheel shimmy while driving or under braking? Does the car have any abnormal vibrations or sounds? While we do not have a “crystal ball”, or “x-ray vision”, our pre-purchase inspection is still your best defense against getting a “lemon”! Please let us check out that new “used” vehicle before you buy it!