Your vehicle is one of the largest financial investments that you have made. So...if you are like most people, you want that investment to last as long as possible. Also, you want your investment to retain as much of its original value as possible so that when you are ready for a new one, you can get the biggest return on your investment by selling it or trading it in!

Sounds simple right? Well actually it can be. The single most important way to care for your car is to have its fluids changed regularly. I’m talking about more than just changing the engine oil. Engine oil is probably the single most important fluid to change…but there are others that are just as important.

The fluids are the “life blood” of your vehicle. Their primary job is lubrication, but their other jobs are to cool and clean. As these fluids circulate around in your engine and transmission they carry away heat and collect contaminates that will be trapped in the filter. All motor vehicle fluids are blended with an “additive package”. These additives give the different fluids their unique characteristics to perform in a specific way. But these additives will become depleted with time and miles driven.

These magic fluids that I’m talking about are; Engine oil, Transmission fluid, Radiator coolant, Brake fluid and Power steering fluid. It has been proven that when all of these fluids are changed at regular intervals, the vehicle components that they protect will last many times longer.